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  • Green LanternHero's uest
  • Dennis ONeil
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  • 12 September 2020
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Summary í Green LanternHero's uest º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook But a chance encounter with an extraterrestrial leaves him in possession of a powerful weapon in the form of a ring With godlike abilities and a new name Green Lantern Kyle becomes a super hero and a member of the Justice League But when he arrives at League headuarters to A34nd his teammates missing his investigation into their disappe. DO NOT let the first page or two of this book turn you off I almost did and it would have prevented me from reading this very very enjoyable book It s written in the first person and the first couple pages are the first person character telling a story and it just doesn t come off well at all Luckily the author doesn t revisit that style for the remaining 300 pagesThis book in essence tells the story of the Green Lantern I was not familiar with it before and I found it really really interesting Also aside from the first couple pages the author is a good writer and really kept me turning the pages I d recommend this book for any fan of comic books or like me super heroes and associated movies

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Summary í Green LanternHero's uest º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Arance leads him on a journey unlike any he or anyone else has ever experienced before Traveling to the end of space itself where the universe is in the process of coming into existence Green Lantern must unravel a strange series of secrets before he and the Justice League are annihilated along with every living creature in the universe. I don t know much about Green Lantern and what I know is about Hal Jordan This book is about Kyle Rayner The first half of the book talks about how he got the ring and went about discovering his powers and his introduction to the Justice League I loved the first half 5 stars for me It was filled with humour typical of Green Lantern The music for this book was really good as well Made me love the book even I think I will have a re listen to this first half in the future I loved it that muchThe second half was where the story began There isn t much action in this book This part was about Oa and the Oans the creators of the Green Lantern Corps I was bored out of my mind 2 stars from me for the second half I simply wasn t interested in what was going on

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Summary í Green LanternHero's uest º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Superman Batman Wonder WomanThe Flash Green LanternThey are the world's greatest super heroes A34ghting endlessly against corruption and injustice Each of them is a formidable opponent of evil but banded together their powers are unmatched Ever ready they stand united as the JUSTICE LEAGUE of AMERICAKyle Rayner never asked to be a hero. It s been a while since I ve been this torn about a book Hero s uest has some great science in it accurate stuff that s well explained for an all ages audience The voice acting is great as is the music and sound effects But I just can t recommend it to anyone because of the unrelenting misogyny I know I know saying you found misogyny in a Green Lantern book is like saying you found cheese on a pizza But in this book it s staggering Every female character save one is described by their beauty and lusted after by the main character Kyle The one woman who was spared was a mature aged woman who was of course kind and helpful if you can t be fuckable at least be amenable to men s other needs In the second act of the story Kyle meets Di who is basically a test human made by an alien race while they were designing humanity Her test status is demonstrated by the fact that she s clumsy and has no innate personality She has no opinions no desires and only speaks when spoken to Kyle falls madly desperately in love with her Within 24 hours So much so that when the story ends years later he s still pining for Di despite the fact that he now has a girlfriend who is both fuckable AND kind and helpful Lucky man When Kyle first kissed Di she asked him if that was a kiss was and then stated that the kiss was nice He kisses her again later He considers visiting her uninvited during the night but I m still trying to work out if she s even with it enough to make her own decisions Kyle s one true love is basically a Furby stuck inside a sex doll Surely I m not the only one who s offended by this