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  • Paperback
  • 306
  • Lost Boys Slateview High #1
  • Eva Ashwood
  • English
  • 04 June 2020
  • 9781089217633

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Free download Þ Lost Boys Slateview High #1 106 Read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Eva Ashwood Characters Lost Boys Slateview High #1 Are forced to move to a tiny house across town and I transfer to Slateview PublicThe only problem is nearly everyone at my new school has reason to despise my family name They want to see a princess brought low and they’ll do whatever it takes to make me fallMoney was the language of my old world but violence is the language of my new one The only way. Fantastic debut novel by Eva Ashwood I just happened to scroll and see this on KU read the blurb and thought what the hell Boy am I glad I did Cordelia has grown up shelter for all of her seventeen years She s beautiful rich a real high society girl She s too remain prim and proper at all times but underneath all of that is a girl who wants something The van Rensselaer name is a lot to live up too But her life is about to change Gone are the cocktail parties the big mansion and servants the expensive prep school is all torn away the night her father is arrested Now she s leaving on the other side of town going to Slateview Public where she s enemy number one Enter Bishop Kace and Misael three boys who are about to turn her world upside down These boys own Slateview high and they will own Cordelia This is a reverse harem book for sure and it s finally one that isn t all light and fluffy Yes It s hot in uite a few places and I can t wait too see where Eva is going to take the storyline Yes it ends in a cliffhanger and it s a shocking one I will be stalking Eva too see when I can get my hands on the next one I liked all the characters and for it being a debut novel she did a fantastic job Definitely one too check out for sure

Characters Lost Boys Slateview High #1Lost Boys Slateview High #1

Free download Þ Lost Boys Slateview High #1 106 Read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Eva Ashwood Characters Lost Boys Slateview High #1 I’ll survive until graduation is to make a deal with three gorgeous dangerous devils the ones everyone calls the Lost BoysIf I accept their bargain Bishop Misael and Kace will protect meBut they’ll own me too This is the first book in the Crazy Vicious Love series a reverse harem bully romance It contains mature themes and is intended for readers 18. Good readNice read not uite light but definitely not heavy in the bully department It was a tad bizarre for a slight bully romance because I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop I was pleasantly surprised that thr guys didn t torment the FMC before hinting at their true feelings I would have liked to see of the relationship building between everyone I think it would have made her feelings a tad credible The book just summed it up oh she had known them for 3months or so Also another reviewer hit the main issue on the head Cora s transition from riches to poverty appeared too easy Minus the first 2 days of school she didn t go through much Her mom had depression and a suicidal moment Cora just took everything in stride I m even surprised Ava didn t turn back up Overall decent read just a few plot holes that I hope the next book will address

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Free download Þ Lost Boys Slateview High #1 106 Read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Eva Ashwood Characters Lost Boys Slateview High #1 Slateview Public High is no place for a girl like meMy whole life I’ve been groomed as American royalty raised to be the perfect daughter of the wealthy eliteOn my sixteenth birthday my father bought me an Aston MartinAnd on my seventeenth birthday the Feds took everything awayWith my father in prison for fraud and nothing left to our name my mom and I. I am actually pretty damn impressed with this book So if you ve been following my reviews for any length of time you ll know that I m never afraid to take a chance on debut authors On the flip side my standards are high and I am VERY detailed if I dislike it I m pleased to announce that with two key exceptions I had almost no issue with this entire book It s well written has been well edited and the bullying is essentially nonexistent The heroes never hurt the heroine they make a deal with her where they own her in exchange for their protection After she agrees nobody else hurts the heroine either Friends like Gimme rejoice there is NO OWOM drama whatsoever it s totally safe and I appreciated that so much The heroine is an interesting one Some people may not like her because she isn t the stereotypically feisty aggressive violent kind of heroine She s uiet and slightly submissive towards the heroes which I didn t mind because they weren t arseholes If you ve read the Saving Setora series by Raven Dark and Petra J Knox Setora is the closest comparison as to what type of heroine Cora is I wouldn t call her weak just wired differently from the sort of heroines who beat up people in school However one problem I have is that Cora made an incredibly TSTL decision at the end of the book I understand she s lived uite a sheltered life and was distracted by hope she d receive answers but the action she committed is something genuinely just unbelievably dumb My other problem is that not all of the heroes felt eually fleshed out At the beginning especially it seemed like Bishop they call him Bish which I LOATHE because it feels like bitch was the main one in the relationship and I worried this wasn t a true reverse harem I no longer have that worry but I d certainly enjoy seeing the other two heroes get of the limelight in the seuel Speaking of the seuel I cannot wait to read it I hope the author continues the habit from this book of not having any OW related relationship drama because the strength of the connection between the heroine and heroes is really what made this book awesome Blog Bookstagram