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Richard Ford ñ 4 Read & Download Canada AUTHOR Richard Ford Read & Download ↠ 104 A bank They weren’t reckless people but in an instant their actions alter fifteen year old Dell’s sense of normal life forever In the days that follow he is saved before the authorities think to arrive Driving across Montana his life hurtles towards the unknown; a hotel in a deserted town the violent and enigmatic Arthur Remlinger and towards Canada itself But as Dell discovers in this new world of secrets and upheaval he is not the only one whose pas. Yaaawn I must say it is very well written and I could picture all the boring details and bleak scenes which seemed to go by at an excruciating belabored pace It was like watching a train wreck in super duper slow motion frame by frame Two train wrecks to be precise for this poor little slob of a main character This is one of those books that may actually translate into one of those acclaimed films which if it does I will then have wished that I had waited for the film to come out because it would have gone by much uicker The scenes are already described in so much detail that all you would have to do is look at them on the big screen and listen to this poor kid s narration much faster that wayBottom line Wait for the film to come out THEN pretend to like itPs I noticed that there is a box at the bottom to check to hide the review because of Spoilers I don t think Richard has to worry about that because he does it himself all the way through this book I kept reading because I thought there might be some wonderful shocking twist at the end of the story I could see the train coming toward our train and knew what the end of it would be but I just couldn t get off the track

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Canada AUTHOR Richard Ford

Richard Ford ñ 4 Read & Download Canada AUTHOR Richard Ford Read & Download ↠ 104 'This is a wonderfully evocative novel that delineates the essential fragility and loneliness of life Written in haunting sentences that capture the vicissitudes of fate and happenstance this is Ford's finest work to date; uite simply a masterpiece ★★★★★' Mail on Sunday First I'll tell about the robbery our parents committed Then about the murders which happened laterIt was bad instincts and bad luck that lead to Dell Parson’s parents robbing. Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Ford s latest novel beginsFirst I ll tell about the robbery our parents committed Then about the murders which happened laterReally could anyone read those lines and not want to see what follows Ford gently but steadily builds tension from the opening sentence when we know murders are coming to the event itself In the meantime we come to care about our narrator Dell Parsons and have a rooting interest in how he will fare once it does Richard Ford Image from Columbia UniversityPart One of the novel takes us through events up to and including the robbery after which Dell and his twin sister Berner are all but abandoned in their home in Great Falls Montana Surely a town name with some resonance Berner takes off leaving Dell to await rescue by a friend of their mother s In Part Two this woman offers Dell her gentle strength en route to a remote Saskatchewan backwater where she delivers him to her brother Arthur a charismatic person with a history of violence the biggest fish in a small local pond a king in a way Part Two is the meat of the book the part that Ford began writing twenty years ago Part One was written recently a mechanism for getting Dell across the border How much of who we are who we become is determined by where we find ourselves Is it the physical events of life that are the most significant Is it how we feel what we remember There is much here about crossing of lines whether geographic boundaries or behavioral limits Once certain boundaries have been crossed can one ever go home again Can one ever grow down What can any of us do if we misunderstand the world Dell struggles to understand as much as he can knowing that his father s misunderstanding of the world he found on his return from World War II contributed to his demise A peripatetic life certainly did not help Does such motion seek or escape Canada is a coming of age tale Dell is an introspective analytical fifteen year old with a penchant for chess and an interest in bee keeping He walks us through his thoughts as he tries not only to adapt to life which seems bent on buffeting him from place to place but specifically as he tries to figure out this latest home in which he finds himself On a broader landscape he tries to make sense of the world as a whole attempting to suss out the rules for living his parents never got around to teaching him learning to discern moral differences and make decisions based on that understanding One specific image stood out for me Dell discovering the rusting remnants of a defunct carnival What an outstanding way to represent the end of innocenceIn addition to immersing us in the events of his fifteen year old life Dell speaks to us from the vantage point of a mature adult So we know at the very least that he survives But we do not know in what shape or situation Knowing this alters our concern level If we know that Dell will survive his ordeal there is that much less to be concerned about on his behalf It removes us a bit from the action and lets us ponder Dell s world the way he does But Ford does not let us float too far above the events and lose our affection for a kid just trying to figure things out He is a decent sort and we want him to be okMy exposure to Richard Ford is slim having only read The Sportswriter previously But it seems that Ford is working in familiar comfortable themes Examining one s life coping with expectations reasonable and not figuring out how to live in the world all told in beautiful language The physical world plays a larger role in this book a landscape Ford mines for bleak if dramatic resonance There are stark wide open spaces that mirror the open still forming character of young Dell and also serve to reinforce the harshness the remoteness of his dark protector Local wildlife is usually shown either as potential targets for hunters or in other battles for survival we saw a big coyote in the road with a rabbit in its mouth It paused and looked at our car approaching then walked into the tall wheat out of sight We saw what our father said was a golden eagle poised in the perfectly blue sky being thwarted by crows wanting to drive it away We saw three magpies pecking a snake as it hurried to get across the pavement People are gonna dieThe beautiful spare writing reminded me of Kent Haruf Plainsong and Eventide and David Malouf An Imaginary Life The Conversations at Curlow Creek There is a softness to the text Many years ago while driving north on the Henry Hudson Parkway in the Bronx I saw a vision that has haunted my dreams ever since a car heading southbound on the other side of the divider with traffic but gliding by on its roof There was no sound associated with this no crashing screeching horn blowing Ford s writing reminds me of this Serious things are going on but without the noise The even tone makes the darkness the challenge somehow effective Always on the lookout for signposts maybe too much I found some items that led me nowhere but they were probably not really signs anyway Arthur Remlinger s assistant Charlie uarters clearly has homosexual tendencies but nothing much is made of this other than the discomfort it entails for Dell Naming seemed like it might offer some insight Dell s family name is Parsons One of the cops who arrest his parents is named Bishop And the Lutheran church across the street from their house crosses the stage for a scene or two but that thread peters out One might take the name of the town in which Dell finds himself Partreau which means plateau and see in this a high place from which Dell gets to observe and learn from those around him perhaps a reinforcement of Dell s intellectual approach above in a way It might just be a counterpoint to a character whose name means valley Or it could just be a place name toting no symbolic value Don t know Ford s selection of Saskatchewan was not specific When he was asked why he chose to send Dell there he said he had to go somewhere Ford had never been to Saskatchewan when he set his story thereNone of that matters Canada is an outstanding work of literature a beautiful stark book and an absolute must readPSI can t help but imagine Terence Malik going to town on this one Please oh pleaseAlso I came across a lovely interview with Ford from early 2011 before he had finished writing the book A significant portion of the 54 minute audio recording addresses CanadaUPDATES6262012 Stephen Colbert did a wonderful short interview with Ford In which we learn among other things why he keep his manuscripts in the freezer Canada was awarded the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction for 2013

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Richard Ford ñ 4 Read & Download Canada AUTHOR Richard Ford Read & Download ↠ 104 T lies on the other side of the border'Magnificent compassionate strangely languorous Ford’s genius at capturing human frailty and its pitiful disguises burns through this novel ★★★★★' Daily Telegraph'A masterpiece apowerfully human and profound novel that makes one sigh shudder and weep Here is greatness No doubt about it' Eileen Battersby Irish TimesA real king returns a story and a vision as sweeping as its landscapes Boyd Tonkin Independen. I feel honored when a book teaches me something new about reading when a writer has the confidence in his story to pull no punches with his writing trusting in the reader s intelligence to absorb a story without telling her what she should feel What Richard Ford teaches me with the exuisite Canada is patience He teaches me to pull back hold on allow the plot to reel out while keeping a closer eye on the characters and their actions and reactions What he offers in return for my patience is writing that makes me nearly weep with envy clean yet evocative each detail chosen to express character and place without eclipsing the reader s imagination The narrator Dell Parsons looks back across five decades to 1960 the year his mother and father robbed a bank in a small town in the plains of eastern Montana From Dell s tone sometimes tender sometimes ironic but always mild and thoughtful you are fairly certain he turns out okay despite the crises he endured during his formative years These crises take a while to unfold Ford introduces the bank robbery in the novel s opening line but maintains a brilliant balance between tension and torpidity by circling around the incident for than one hundred pages In the interim he builds the portrait of a family who misses the mark of the American Dream Bev Parsons a husband with a handsome head in the clouds leaves the Air Force and settles his wandering family in Great Falls believing his charisma will lead to easy success free from the structured demands of the military He is mis matched physically and intellectually with Neeva his diminutive wife who rarely looks up from the drudgery of her life lest she be forced to acknowledge her disappointments Their offspring an awkward daughter saddled with an ugly face and the unfortunate name of Berner and her younger by six minutes twin Dell blessed with his father s looks and an accommodating spirit are raised with love if not much stability Dell looks back at the decisions his parents made at the moments when they approached the cliff and could have turned around without judgment or bitterness This is remarkable because their foolishness upended his life the bank robbery is only the beginning of a free fall that ends in murder suicide and the dissolution of his family At the end of his life as he knows it Dells sets out on a melancholy Odyssey from adolescence to adulthood His internal journey first parallels a literal one as he is moved from Great Falls to Partreau Saskatchewan a near ghost town in the desolate prairies of central Canada And from there his story continues as he fends for himself in a small world of cast off adults Canada s story is created by a landscape of reflection and resolution of lives that turn on a dime where the border between possibility and no turning back can be crossed only once but conseuences follow forever Ford s deliberative style is like a skilled horse rider s loose hold on the reins he doesn t need to make the obvious moves to steer the horse it takes only a slight movement of thigh or heel to communicate his desires Eually Ford communicates soul shifting menace through the subtleness of his characters and his setting what he leaves out speaks to the power of what remains