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Download Berlin Alexanderplatz ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Download × PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Alfred Döblin Pf il cobra appena uscito di prigione e terrorizzato all'idea di essere nuovamente libero resta unica di una bellezza disperata e assoluta Giuseppe Culicchi. A hundred years ago there was a craze for giant plotless novels that tried to slice through an entire city or even country and look down at the thousands of humans milling around like badly dressed ants and itemise them all These huge novels Ulysses by Jimmy Joyce USA by Johnny Dos Passos The Waste Land by Tommy Eliot not a novel but the same kind of thing use newspaper clippings adverts random dialogue doggerel children s rhymes radio announcements political proclamations Greek myths they love those and anything and everything to collage mash together ALL OF MODERN LIFE in a frantic attempt to mirror the stressed out psychological dissociativeness and allround bonkers uality of how we live NOW multivalent as opposed to how we lived THEN linearly This large and enormously impressive novel Berlin Alexanderplatz is one of those If you re serious about literature you have to like this one it s an acknowledged masterpiece so get with the program and I am impressed that many goodreaders proclaim their love for this massive stodge of tiresome detail dull unattributed conversation and rancid behavior the guy we are following Franz Biberkopf has just done a 4 year stretch for beating his girlfriend to death an act described as some stupid stuff But as a serial abandoner of great literature you may be assured that I could not finish it so it got chucked on the pile that already contains The Man who Loved Children Sentimental Education The Naked and the Dead The Adventures of Augie March and of course Miss Macintosh My Darling amongst many other lesser works Sometimes you come across stuff and you says to yourself that there Mona Lisa is a great painting I know that it s obvious enough but she gets on my nerves I don t have to like it So I do says that Berlin Alexanderplatz is a hell of a novel probably a great novel but I didn t like it Note on UlyssesThis is not Alfred Doblin s fault at all but some of his fans say that this novel is like Ulysses when it really isn t It s somewhat like the stream of consciousness sections of Ulysses but they are a small part of Ulysses But even then Mr Doblin doesn t really do much stream of consciousness either he does stream of conversation Perhaps accurately described as stream of inane blathering

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Berlin Alexanderplatz

Download Berlin Alexanderplatz ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Download × PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Alfred Döblin Egorie sorprende ogni volta che lo si rilegge Nelle sue pagine c'è così tanta energia che sembra scritto domani Anche per uesto la storia di Franz Biberko. 2016 Book I was Most Afraid To Hate I just don t have it in me I dipped into this book for two months and only got to 13 % I cannot do it I immensely dislike this book despite it being a modern classic I am going to cut my losses and consider it my Infinite Jest of 2016

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Download Berlin Alexanderplatz ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Download × PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Alfred Döblin In uesto libro ineguagliabile epico e insieme espressionista c'è tutta Berlino com'era sul finire degli anni Venti Ma Berlin Alexanderplatz sfugge alle cat. A shocking novel A disturbing novel A brutal novelAnd if you click into the novel s ironichumoroussatiric vibe set in the years when Berlin was Europe s most liberal city featuring avant garde art radical politics and sex easily available in any and all varieties then Berlin Alexanderplaz is I kid you not a thrilling enjoyable romp at breakneck speedOh the picaresue novel with its epigraphs and episodic adventures of an insatiable scallywag usually from the lower classes True to form Alfred D blin trots out his main character and hero a World War I vet by the name of Franz Biberkopf fresh from Tegel Penitentiary where he served four years for sending his sweetheart to an early grave by way of cracking her skull and inflicting an assortment of other nasty injuriesAlfred D blin s expressionist prose reads like mile Zola s naturalism on crack and speed as if nearly every man and woman in its five hundred pages has the jazz driven energy and lan and irreverence of a Henry Miller or a Charles Bukowski And such ualities include the omniscient narrator who inserts jingles and songs headlines and screamers slogans and catchphrases as well as an array of other verbal flotsam that invade a reader s five senses as if one actually spent nights back in 1927 1928 the years D blin wrote his masterpiece wandering the Berlin streets and popping into many of the city s decadent fleshpot theaters And oh those sardonic chapter openings and epigraphs such as Franz Biberkopf is on the job market you need to earn money a man can t life without money and Here decent well intentioned Franz Biberkopf suffers a first reverse He falls victim to a cheat The shock is profound Biberkopf has sworn to be decent and as you ve seen he has been decent for several weeks but that was really just temporary In the long run life finds that too prissy and it cunningly trips him up New York Review Books deserves the highest praise for republishing this German literary classic in Michael Hofmann s stunning translation Mr Hofmann also furnishes an extensive Afterward wherein he expatiates on the life and times of Alfred D blin the history of Berlin Alexanderplatz and the challenges of translating the author s vibrant language into EnglishActually it s Michael Hofmann s observations on language I found most helpful and for good reason in all the many novels I ve read over the years I have never been as keenly aware of the role of a translator as when reading Berlin Alexanderplatz I know I know Berlin in the 1920s was a special time and a special place but I had the sense all the many depictions portrayals sketches and most especially the words of Franz Biberkopf and others could have also been from a bustling current day international metropolis say London New York or Los Angeles This to say D blin s novel is as alive today for readers as it was back when Berliners gobbled it up when first publishedAnd such crisp colorful language There have been freuent comparisons to James Joyce s Ulysses a novel D blin greatly admired and stream of consciousness but if there is one aspect of Berlin Alexanderplatz I would like to stress it is this I never had the need to go back and reread any passage or bit of dialogue nor when listening did I replay any part of the audio book the writing is that clear and accessibleSo what manner of man is Franz Biberkopf now that he s out of prison and returns to Berlin At one point he s described as a slick dude hey Franz is as hip as any hip hop artist Here s a passage that comes at a reader as part of one unending gush This Franz Biberkopf previously cement worker then furniture removal man and so forth currently newspaper seller weighs nigh on two hundredweight He has the strength of a cobra snake and has joined an athletics club again Decked out in green puttees hobnail boots and a bomber jacket You won t find much money on him it only comes to him in small amounts but even so it s worth trying to get to know him For added flair the narrator tosses in references from ancient Greek literature figures such as Agamemnon Telemachus Helen Also the Bible Adam Eve the Serpent Job Not to mention grizzly details of slaughterhouses The killing bays must be at the back it s from there you hear smacking sounds crashing suealing screaming gurgling grunting sounds There are big cauldrons there which produce the steam Men dunk the dead beasts in the boiling water scald them pull them out nice and white a man scrapes off the outer skin with a knife making the animal still whiter and every part smooth Very mild and white deeply contented as after a strenuous bath a successful operation or massage the pigs lie out on wooden trestles in rows they don t move in their sated calm and in their new white tunics They are all lying on their sides on some you see the double row of tits the number of breasts a sow has they must be fertile animals But they all of them have a straight red slash across the throat right in the middle which looks deeply suspicious Of course this passage brings to mind Germany in the not so distant future the death camps following Adolf Hitler proclaimed Chancellor in 1933 There are references in the novel to the National Socialist Party and swastikas but swinging freewheeling Berlin remained liberal artistic and as free as a randy decadent bird in the pages of Berlin AlexanderplatzNot only will readers follow the fate of Franz but also many other men and women I purposely went light on the story s arc curves and swerves by my eye many reviewers reveal too much better to allow you the reader to discover what happens to Franz and others for yourself Since so much of the beauty and artistry of Alfred D blin s masterpiece is in the language I ll end with Michael Hofmann s favorite passage on the song to the outgrowths of Berlin Suffer them to approach Suffer them to approach The great flat plains the lonely brick houses giving out a reddish light The towns all in a line Frankfurt an der Oder Guben Sommerfield Liegnitz Breslau the towns appear with their stations the towns with their great and small streets Suffer them to approach the cabs the sliding shooting cars What an intense jaunt I encourage you to hop in one of those sliding shooting cars and travel to Berlin by way of Alfred D blin German born in 1957 poet and translator Michael HofmannGerman author Alfred D blin 1878 1957 He swore to all the world and to himself that he would remain decent And as long as he had money he remained decent But then he ran out of money which was a moment he had been waiting for to show them all what he was made of Alfred D blin Berlin Alexanderplatz